Sports or hobbies what are yours?

Hi! This is Savannah here! Listen, I am a TOTAL nerd with books. Sara agrees and everyone knows I am one so why not you guys? So anyway I ride horses. It is fun, but makes you sore. So I want to know what you like to do. Mine was books and yours is……. Then if you play a sport please tell us. We are nice sweet girls. Or at least Sara is:). So what do you like to do? I ride horses you……. Listen, you don’t have to put a sport if you don’t play one but everyone has a hobby even if it’s eating or sleeping. have fun! Find out who IS YOU? Haha! I like doing that because it’s funny and everyone needs a laugh. So  go ahead and fire away! Well as for what’s  going on I’ll talk to Sara about updating some more stuff. Listen, I like this blog but if no one posts Sara might shut it down. Save the blog! Please? Sara has worked so hard on this. 


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